Russ Eilers, owner of Drawing Board WW

Welcome to my shop!

My name is Russ Eilers. I’m the maker, designer, and creative mind here at Drawing Board Woodworks!

I grew up watching my dad build beautiful furniture and home decor in his own shop. Witnessing that ability to create inspired me to design and build as well. Ultimately, this led me to a career as an architect. I have spent the last three decades designing buildings and homes across the country.

Throughout that time, I have also continued to hone and expand upon the skills that I first learned working with my dad in his shop. Coupling that with a designer’s eye for scale, proportion, and attention to detail, which I have developed through the years, has led me to embark on this journey with you all. This journey of fulfilling my clients’ custom woodworking needs while helping them take home their dream piece is my passion that I am so excited to share with each of you.

I look forward to sharing with you the skills that my dad has passed to me to create your next family heirloom!

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